A Ride With ‘Cars Yeah’ & Mark Greene

The other day, I had the great pleasure to be interviewed by Mark Greene for his ‘Cars Yeah‘ website.

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The power of cars and great conversations

Mark, the former president of Griot’s Garage is as you would imagine a total gear head. He started Cars Yeah to capture for and disseminate to as wide an audience as possible conversations like the ones he’s had with car folk for years at shows, auctions and any other place we all gather and just do what we do most often- share our love of all things automotive.

I was honored to be asked to share some of my automotive and life stories and in the process join some very distinguished friends, colleagues and heros who have already been featured on Cars Yeah. They include Bill Warner, Randy Nonnenberg, Tim McGrane, Diane Brandon, Jonathan Stein, Wayne Carini, David Madiera, Tim Suddard, Tom McDowell, Thor Thorson and many others.

Find my interview HERE, or click on the ‘Cars Yeah’ logo.  I hope you enjoy it, be sure to listen to the other great interviews on the site and visit often to find new ones!

Thanks, Mark!

Because your appraiser is as important as your appraisal.

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Because your appraiser is as important as your appraisal.