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I had the privilege of returning to Mark Greene’s terrific podcast program ‘Cars Yeah‘ this week, chatting about my book, ‘Stile Transatlantico / Transatlantic Style : A Romance of Fins and Chrome‘.

You can hear the interview here.  It’s the second time I’ve sat down with Mark and it’s always a pleasure to chat with another enthusiast as passionate as I am.

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Cover, Stile Transatlantico / Transatlantic Style

We covered topics including my inspiration for the book, the great collaboration with Coachbuilt Press and the brilliantly talented photographer Michael Furman that made it possible to realize this project in the stunning way it has come together and how our challenges and opportunities shaped the book.

To top it off, Michael and I supplied a copy of the book autographed by us both which Mark gave away to a fortunate Cars Yeah subscriber on New Year’s Eve.

The enthusiasm generated by this book continues to be astonishing and gratifying. It will continue into 2017 with a number of book signing events and appearances coming.  Be sure to watch the calendar here!

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Because your appraiser is as important as your appraisal.