Find Your Dream Car

Step 1: We analyze your needs

We will work with you to analyze your needs and the markets to find exactly the vehicle you seek and determine an appropriate market value range.

Step 2: We leverage our worldwide contacts

Through experience and contacts around the world we will assist in the location, inspection, evaluation and acquisition of collector vehicles at all levels from driver to concours- the car that best suits your specific requirements.

Step 3: Inspection, Evaluation and Acquisition

We can also help you in placing your collector vehicle for sale. We can handle every step, from determining the best market in which to offer it, whether private market, dealer or auction- and handle all the details to make it as effortless as possible for you.

Purchase & Selling Consultation

Whether you have decided on the type of vehicle to purchase or decided to sell one you currently own, Automotive Valuation Services can provide both purchase and selling consultation on an agreed-fee basis. We can assist you in the search for a vehicle or advise on the most beneficial venue for selling your vehicle and place it for sale using an international network of resources at the highest level.

Onsite Consultative Review

When considering buying a vehicle, it is vital that you have a professional evaluation prior to committing to a purchase. Let us examine your prospective buy and give you the benefit of our years of experience and market knowledge in determining if it’s right for you and your needs. Automotive Valuation Services does not perform mechanical evaluations, however these can be arranged as a part of the service.

As we regularly attend major collector vehicle events and auctions around the US and Europe, we can serve you at these key times and venues as well.

Market Survey Reports

If you are considering selling a vehicle, our extensive resources in the international collector vehicle markets allow us to provide for you an up-to-the-minute snapshot of where your vehicle fits in the marketplace. Using accurate comparables, you will know what the trend and patterns are in not only asking prices but prices realized for similar vehicles.

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Because your appraiser is as important as your appraisal.

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Because your appraiser is as important as your appraisal.